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Water coolers and the environment

It is recognised that mains fed water dispensers play an important role in achieving environmental objectives, reducing our carbon footprint & improving CSR ratings. A mains fed, plumbed in water cooler stops the need for all the regular vehicle deliveries required for a bottle water cooler.

Transporting water produces more than 30million tonnes of CO2 every year!

Nearly 3million tonnes of plastic are used annually for water bottles

Only about 10% of plastic bottles are re-cycled and most go to landfill sites & can take over 400 years to degrade

Compared with bottled water many experts think tap water is of a better quality, with a balanced mineral content & a lower risk of contamination

The 1989 United Kingdom Water Act requires that tap water be tested daily at every stage of its treatment and that the results are available to the public on demand. The tests for substances in mineral waters only call for about a quarter of those required for tap water - and no requirement to be tested daily. There is no specific legislation at all for spring water.

Health & Safety

With safety in the workplace becoming ever more important, the choice of a plumbed in water cooler takes away many of the risks associated with a bottle water cooler.
Water coolers using bottled water can cause manual handling injuries. The standard bottle used in a water cooler weighs 19 kg (42 lbs), which may require lifting from the floor to above waist level. Coolers supplied by mains water prevent this risk.

Bottle v Plumbed-in Water Units

There are several advantages in choosing plumbed in water units rather than bottles:

No regular deliveries (environmentally friendly - reducing transport) No problem storing bottles of water
No running out of water
No lifting of heavy bottles
No monthly invoices  
No bacteria incubating in air space of bottle

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